WEST ROME RIDERS                                                     Rome NY

Trail head parking is located in Rome on route 46. North of the Erie Canal Village on trail intersections C1 and C7F.  STAY OFF the piles of rocks in the lot and do not park in the trail please.  Thank you.

WRR trails are groomed by Joe VanLieshout, Jim Smith, Bruce Galler, David Hartley, Joey VanLieshout, Justin Galler, Jeff Pabis, Chuck Mathews, Ed Mattia, and Jim Rolf.  A lot of time and effort goes into grooming our trails.  As you yield to our groomers on the trails, give the drivers a wave and a thumbs up to show your appreciation for the great job they do!  Remember, they are volunteering their time for YOUR enjoyment!!
The West Rome Riders Snowmobile Club's trail system is maintained by volunteer club members. During the off season, club members work together to maintain the trails, (cleaning debris, cut trees, building and maintaining bridges, posting signs, marking new trails, etc),  keeping them ready for the snowmobile season.  Our groomer operators donate their own time each winter, working hard to keep up with the huge amount of traffic our trail system experiences. We currently use "class A" 2 groomers, a 2005 Pisten Bully PB Trail Bully (purchased from Mohawk Ltd. Pisten Bully Division, Chadwicks, NY) and a 1996 Pisten Bully PB260D, both pulling 10' wide by 18' long, 6 trip-blade MTN SNOW drags (purchased from MTN Equipment in Dorval, Quebec).  Please respect these groomer operators and give them a "THUMBS UP" to say thank you when they approach you.


For those that are consistently riding down snowmobile trails only in the middle, please understand that this does not help the trails stay flat for too long.  Please ride to the right and use the whole marked trail width.  Also, a few people find it necessary to spin their tracks at every opportunity.  This also causes the trails to have bumps and takes the needed snow off the trail base as well.  Let's use COMMON SENSE out there... for all our sakes!  Thank you.